Formed Parts and Components made of Tungsten and Molybdenum

Formed Parts

At OSRAM, we have a world class production with long-time experience in tungsten and molybdenum processing to manufacture finished or semi-finished formed parts, components and products.

We use different techniques to shape the parts with high precision according to our customers need and application. These components are used under conditions, where the physical properties of other metals or materials reach their limits: excellent resistance against abrasion and corrosion at high temperatures, high density and durability. As a specialty, we also provide a broad range of thoriated or highly pure products made from our own tungsten and molybdenum powder.

Applications are e.g. components for industrial or laboratory (ultra) high temperature furnaces, cathodes and anodes in high intensity discharge lamps (HID), electrical contacts and many more.

Have a look at our product types showing our key capabilities and please contact us for further information and special requests! We would be pleased to help you with your concern.

Ground Rods

Ground Rods

Out of our tungsten and molybdenum pre-materials, we produce rods with high quality surfaces and tightest tolerances by grinding and polishing.

A big pool of different machines and skilled workers with long-time experience and professional know-how make us flexible to custom designs and shapes of components. We can realize most common end geometries like point tips, plateaus, fins, bevels, chamfers, drilled holes and bores, grooves, internal or external threaded ends etc. also in combination.

It does not matter if the diameter is 40mm or one millimeter - we grind the rods by lengths up to 1500mm!

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For the production of tungsten- and molybdenum pins made from our wires, we can offer different cutting techniques:

From a cost-effective and fast, mechanical cutting to highly precise Laser-cutting - we cut the pins to variable lengths with appropriate edges and end geometries.

To further align the shape and geometry of the ends as well as the surface according to our customers need, we have the knowledge and capability of many different tumbling processes. By tumbling we can deburr, chamfer, polish or round the edges, adjust the diameter or refine the surface by tumbling with additives (to incorporate other substances into the surface) to achieve the desired component properties.

This can also be combined with different annealing and recrystallizing steps at temperatures up to 2500 °C (4500 °F) as well as etching and polishing steps to manufacture exactly what you are looking for.

Turned Parts

Turned Parts

The production plant in Schwabmünchen posesses the competence and capability to machine and cut even extremely hard and brittle materials like tungsten and molybdenum, and can therefore offer a great variety of turned parts and rotational symmetric moldings meeting tightest tolerances.

A combination with our other machining processes is also possible, for example to chamfer or groove a ground rod or pin.

A big application of turned parts is as electrodes (cathodes, anodes) in high intensity discharge lamps (HID), making use of the good high temperature resistance of these refractory metals.

Please contact us with your application or inquiry concerning turned parts and molds - your request is very welcome.

Specialty Production

Specialty Production

For your special application, we provide you with custom made components upon request (also small batch series, models and prototypes) for example for medical application or measurement technology. We can choose from a versatile pool of possibilities to fulfill even extraordinary requests like micro-hole bores or bent parts made of tungsten and molybdenum.

Please contact us with your inquiry on refractory metal specialties

Furnace Components

Furnace Components

Making use of their outstanding physical properties, components and parts made of tungsten or molybdenum are predestined for high temperature applications. With their extremely high melting- and boiling points, their high strength and stability even at very high temperatures and a small coefficient of thermal expansion, they are ideal for many purposes in industrial or laboratory high- and ultra high-temperature (UHT) furnaces.

We provide you with bent, wound or coiled heating elements in various sizes, sinter underlays, mountings like screws, bolts, hooks etc. as well as annealing and sintering boats and crucibles made of refractory metal, ceramics or cermets (ceramic-metal compound) via powder-injection-molding (PIM).

Please contact us with your inquiry for further information on our furnace components.

Glass and Quartz

You need glass or quartz products?

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Metal Powders

You need tungsten and molybdenum powders?

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