OSLON® Square

OSLON® Square

OSLON® Square family

The well-established OSLON® Square platform offers a High-Power package in a 3030 footprint and 120° viewing angle, along with industry leading performances, lifetime and reliability. Key parameters are binned at high temperature, closer to the real application conditions. Luminaire manufacturers and other suppliers can benefit from very stable light output at different temperatures, very low thermal resistance and long lifetime in existing designs. Very good values for the maximum junction temperature, maximum forward current and maximum de-rating limits are important benefits. The OSLON® Square platform provides customers with multiple options to design their luminaires. From ultra-high efficacy and quality luminaires, and compact designs to unique features.

OSLON® Square Horti White

With its latest addition, the OSLON® Square Horti White, OSRAM delivers an optimized spectrum on white for horticulture applications. The red content is reduced by 15% compared to standard CRI 70 solutions, making it more efficient. While the OSLON® Square Hyper Red takes the lead as the main supplier of red content. The OSLON® Square Horti White works best in combination with the OSLON® Square Hyper Red to increase the efficiency level up to 10% for all applications where an additional white content is necessary.

OSLON® Square Uniform

OSLON® Square Uniform delivers superior color uniformity with the latest technological advances for CRI90. Uneven light conversion at different angles are a thing of the past. Ideally suited for ceiling and wall wash applications, you can reach superior Color-over-Angle performance using the OSLON® Square Uniform. Now available in CRI90, 2700 – 4000K

OSLON® Square horti white

OSLON® Square – the most compact high-power LED with well-known superior robustness, high reliability, long lifetime and very low thermal resistance. The OSLON® Square family is designed for professional outdoor and indoor lighting, based on different color rendering. The key parameters are binned at high temperature which is closer to the real application conditions of our customers.

  • Ultra compact footprint (3 mm × 3 mm) for high-density arrays to simplify circuit designs
  • Available with CRI 70, 80, 90
  • Wide range of CCT selection
  • Binned at 85 °C
  • Very low thermal resistance
  • Superior robustness and long lifetime
  • Extendable range of current driving condition
  • Horticulture colors
  • Best color over angle in the industry
  • Street lighting
  • Tunnel lighting
  • Path lighting
  • Architectural lighting
  • Horticulture Lighting
  • Low bay, high bay
  • Professional indoor retail lighting
  • Professional indoor museum lighting