Advanced Power TOPLED®

Advanced Power TOPLED - delivering excellent performance and exceptional power

Introducing the next generation with benchmark performance for automotive signaling applications

Advanced Power TOPLED® is ams OSRAM's most powerful member of the TOPLED® family designed to meet the requirements of the automotive industry. Advanced Power TOPLED® was the first of its kind in a PLCC-6 package and has set a standard in a variety of applications in the mid power LED world. Advanced Power TOPLED® offers high performance, high reliability and high brightness in a robust package.

  • Has set a standard (PLCC 6) in the mid power LED world and was the first of its kind
  • Very robust design for ease of use processsing and harsh environmental conditions
  • Highest market share in RCL projects worldwide
  • Market standard and well established in market
  • Billions in field for more than 20 years
  • Package: white SMT package
  • Resin: colorless clear silicone resin (LA/LR/LS/LY/, LW G6CP, LUW GVCP), colored diffused silicone resin (LW/LCY/LCB G6SP)
  • Chip technology: Thinfilm and ThinGaN
  • Typ. Radiation: 120° (Lambertian emitter) /
  • Color: amber/red/super-red/yellow/converted-yellow, blue, white/warm white
  • Corrosion Robustness Class: 3B
  • Qualifications: AEC-Q102 Qualified with RV-level 1, USCAR 33 (LA/LR/LS/LY)
  • ESD: 2 kV acc. to ANSI/ESDA/JEDEC JS-001 (HBM, Class 2)


  • Exterior: Daytime running light, turn signals, position light, rear combination light, license plate illumination, car body illumination (e.g. grill & logo)
  • Interior: Map and dome lighting


  • Portable lighting
  • Backlighting for displays


  • Indoor, outdoor, architectural lighting
  • Decorative and entertainment lighting
  • Illuminated advertising
  • Marker lights

Advanced Power TOPLED®