ECN Magazine Recognizes Osram Opto Semiconductors with Esteemed IMPACT Award

Osram Opto Semiconductors honored for excellence in engineering and innovation

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Osram Opto Semiconductors was named a winner of the ECN IMPACT Awards (2016) in the product category of optoelectronics for its Oslux SFH 4786S infrared LED (IRED). Electronic Component News (ECN) is a global trade publication providing product information, news and editorial to the electronic design community for more than 50 years. This year’s winners represent organizations across 17 categories that have shown excellence in engineering through electronic design and groundbreaking innovation.


Kategoria: Wearables/Mobiles
Lokalizacja: Regensburg, Germany
Technologia/Usługi: Infrared emitters
Rok: 2017

Osram’s Oslux SFH 4786S infrared LED (IRED) enables iris recognition systems to be made less complex and with lower profiles. At 1.6 mm high, this IRED is nearly one third thinner than its predecessor and offers an 8-degree tilt in the emission direction – a completely new feature. This slightly sideways emissions characteristic is beneficial for the field of view of the camera mounted a slight distance away, and performance of the overall system is significantly better than one with an emitter emitting vertically upwards.

While iris recognition systems are well established in the industry, common systems have been bulky, expensive and slow in operation. This device now enables smartphone makers, home security players and automotive companies to add this superior biometric identification method in small form factor systems at a very reasonable cost. Due to its special wavelength, optimized for iris recognition, such systems will not only be smaller and less expensive, but also more reliable and faster in operation.

“We take great pride in being honored with this award in recognition of our Oslux IRED product,” said Chris Goeltner, Osram Opto Semiconductors. “We stand committed to continuously advancing our product portfolio by providing more cost effective, reliable and efficient components and applications for our customers.”

ECN has a legacy heavily steeped in recognizing the best products on the market for engineers and companies, and the tradition continues today in print and online. The 2016 ECN IMPACT Awards are the culmination of a Product Technology Awards history stretching back 60 years. Honoring rich tradition of highlighting design engineering excellence, the ECN IMPACT Awards recognize the top products and services across the design engineering landscape. The competition seeks to honor ingenuity and creativity among companies large and small who are making a different in the industry and in the lives of engineers.

“The awards celebrate the dedication and innovation of the designers, engineers and their teams in creating products that will change the electronics industry,” said Jeanine Mooney, Editor in Chief, Electronic Component News. “The ECN IMPACT Awards, which debuted in 2014, are designed to celebrate the products that had the greatest impact on the electronic components industry, and we are pleased to honor Osram with such award this year.”

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IR OSLUX (810nm) - 30° / 8° tilted zmniejsz