Ambient Light Sensing (ALS)

Ambient Light Sensing improves the driving experience and ensures energy savings by adapting the light ideally to the most varied lighting conditions and adjusting itself perfectly to the human eye. It ensures an optimal display visibility regardless whether in daylight, at night or in other lighting conditions.


One of the problems drivers often have in bright sunlight is that they cannot read the satnav screen properly or can only guess what speed is shown on the speedometer. With the help of ambient light sensors, however, the backlighting of these displays can be regulated in such a way that they are easy to read in all weather conditions and brightness levels.

The ambient light sensor (ALS) is an active component in which the IC is powered by the signal current and is therefore not reliant on an external power supply. It therefore has only two pins instead of three or more, making it much easier to connect and operate.

  • interior automotive displays