Head-up-Display, window- & logo projection, licence plate, static puddle light

Projection gives guidance

Automotive projection applications are an upcoming, rapidly growing segment. Especially intelligent projections will be an integral part of the future automotive interior. These special projections are able to merge with the outer surroundings and therefore seamlessly blend into the view of the driver, assisting him in various situations.

Future applications will also include augmented/mixed reality Head Up Displays (HuD), projections on surfaces in the car or on the windows for advertisement. This so-called »window- and logo-projection« will transform the car interior into an extended surface displaying relevant information or visuals.

Licence plate lights perfectly light up the area on the back of the vehicle so that people can see the license plate clearly at all times. License plate lights are usually brighter and longer lasting than factory incandescent lights.

In the future licence plates will develop into situation-dependent, dynamic LED license plates that – among other display applications – play an important role in enabling external communication with other road users (»car2x communication«).

Puddle lights ensure that the direct surroundings of cars are properly illuminated. Especially when it is dark, they protect passengers from stepping into a puddle or tripping before they enter the vehicle.



  • High flexibility
  • Good thermal performance

OSLON® Compact

  • ery robust due to ceramic package
  • Small, compact device
  • Small, compact device

OSRAM® OSTAR Projection

  • Optimized RGB triplets as light sources for DLP projection
  • Etenduematched to Texas Instruments DLP imagers
  • Robust high power packages for harsh automotive conditions


Derivates with different chip sizes and converters,in particular for high color gamut possible.

  • One footprint for ¼ mm², ½ mm² and 1 mm² chip size
  • Scalable performance
  • QFN platform

OSLON® Compact

Update to latest OSLON Compact PL possible on demand..

  • Ceramic package
  • Available with 200mA and 1A binning current

OSRAM® OSTAR Projection Compact

Development is linked to and follows the development of new DLP imager generations. Introduction of new colors for upcoming applications possible (e.g. white and/or true green).

  • LED triplets of
  • Red (InGaAlP)
  • Green (InGaN+ conversion)
  • Blue (blue)
  • Ideally matching available automotive DMD/DLP imagers


  • Ideal product for matrix backlight LCD projection applications

OSLON® Compact

  • Ideal product for line backlight LCD projection applications

OSRAM® OSTAR Projection Compact

  • Ideal product for all DLP projection applications
  • LE x Q8WP : Compatible to 0.3” (Gen 1.0) & 0.55” (Gen 2.0) DLP
  • KxCSLNM1.xx : Compatible to 0.3” DLP (Gen 1.5)
  • LE x Q7WP : Compatible to 0.55” DLP (Gen 2.0)