BackLED CP G5 - Wire clip

Cechy produktu
  • Compatible with BackLED G5 family
  • Suitable for BA-TW-CP-G5/BA-XL-CP-G5/ BA-L-CP-G5/BA-M-HO-CP-G5/BA-M-CP-G5/BA-M-CP-G5-HF/ BA-S-CP-G5
  • Quick and easy binding wire without extra tooling
Korzyści ze stosowania produktu
  • Quick and simple snap-in fixing the cables of the LED modules, no tools required
  • Solidny profil aluminiowy


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Obszar zastosowań
  • Suitable for BA-TW-CP-G5, BA-XL-CP-G5, BA-L-CP-G5, BA-M-HO-CP-G5 , BA-M-CP-G5, BA-M-CP-G5-HF, BA-S-CP-G5

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