State-of-the-art LED increases safety on public streets and squares

The benefits of modern LED systems become particularly apparent in street and outdoor lighting: They provide just the level of light required, ensure homogeneous illumination – and even consume less energy than conventional light sources. Furthermore, the durability of LEDs, combined with low lumen depreciation, is simply ideal for the long service life of exterior lighting.

LED modules for outdoor applications and street lighting

OSRAM LED drivers stand out due to their long lifetime, low maintenance costs and high efficiency – key criteria for outdoor and industrial applications. Use a streetlight by OSRAM to illuminate single streets, roads, squares, highways or whole cities.

OPTOTRONIC LED drivers for applications like street lights meet all these requirements and unlock the full potential of LED-based light sources. Thanks to the high flexibility of the LED drivers, LED luminaire systems can be seamlessly adapted to the corresponding conditions and optimized in terms of cost. Integrated dimming functions enable significant energy savings and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Up to 50% energy savings for street lighting

The OSRAM PrevaLED Compact Z3 is an efficient and standardized lighting solution that achieves excellent results in all public applications as well as industrial high bay lighting.The OSRAM PrevaLED SKY is an innovative, moisture-proof LED module enabling extremely short luminaire development cycles. Its innovative lens concept provides perfect street lighting (in accordance with the EN 13201 standard), excellent light quality and high efficiency.

All the LED modules are optimized for use in combination with OSRAM Digital Systems OPTOTRONIC LED drivers. As an integral part of the overall lighting system, LED modules and LED drivers provide optimum performance and operational safety including automatic operating current setting and overtemperature protection (only for PrevaLED Compact).

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