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03.04.2019 | Products

OT DEXAL NFC Outdoor with DEXAL interface for smart infrastructure

Within the scope of the digitalization of light, the interconnection of lighting components provides an ever-increasing number of options for establishing smart infrastructure inside and outside buildings. With its OPTOTRONIC DEXAL NFC Outdoor LED drivers, OSRAM now also offers flexible, connected infrastructure designed for a long lifetime of street and industry applications. Standardized in the Zhaga Book 18, the DEXAL interface of the drivers supplies sensors and RF modules with power while at the same time enabling the bidirectional exchange of data within the luminaire. The DEXAL interface is therefore ideal for developing luminaires compatible with numerous system components.

The separate StepDIM Box now also supports the StepDIM function. The Box can not only be connected separately; it also features high surge protection of up to 6 kV/10 kV and is a practical add-on thanks to its small dimensions and combined with the PrevaLED BRICK HP modules, the outdoor drivers unleash their full power: with a luminous flux of up to 7,800 lm, a module efficacy of up to 176 lm/W and a lifetime of up to 100,000 hours, they deliver outstanding performance.

Benefits of the DEXAL LED drivers:

  • LED drivers (40, 75, 110 and 165 W) with integrated 24 V DEXAL bus power supply for sensors and/or RF modules
  • Simplified luminaire design for radio-based lighting control systems and sensors
  • Advanced luminaire/driver data based on the DiiA specification:
    - Luminaire Information: Part 251
    - Monitoring Data: Parts 252 and 253

Take the first step towards digitally connected infrastructure!

More information about DEXAL is available here:!