OSRAM PrevaLED supports future-proof LED lighting solution for Greek supermarket chain Masoutis

Masoutis supermarket chain – Greece

In 2017, Greece's third-largest supermarket chain Masoutis began modernizing the lighting of all its stores. The shift to LED technology increases cost efficiency and underlines the company's forward-looking image. KT Lighting, one of the leading Greek OEM lighting manufacturers, developed a modern LED lighting concept, which had to be adaptable to all stores with diverse room architectures, but in total should ensure a uniform and recognizable lighting design. All LED luminaires designed by KT Lighting for Masoutis are equipped with PrevaLED light engines from OSRAM Digital Lighting Systems.


Category: Retail
Subcategory: Luminous ceiling/decorative backlighting
Location: Thessaloniki, Greece
Technology/Services: Light engines and LED modules
Year: 2017

Higher light comfort and more attractive product presentation with future-proof LED technology

Masoutis is a modern, family-owned company that values sustainability and offers its customers a unique shopping experience with quality products and services. In 2017, the lighting in the first part of the Masoutis supermarkets in Greece was switched to efficient and durable LED technology. In addition to reducing energy and operating costs, the main upgrade goals were to improve the shopping atmosphere through more visual comfort and higher illuminance levels, to provide better and more flexible emphasis on different product areas and thus to increase sales.

LED linear systems and rail-based LED spotlight systems with OSRAM PrevaLED Light Engines

Based on its own range of luminaire fixtures, KT-Lighting designed LED linear systems and rail-based LED spotlight systems for Masoutis that can be adapted individually and in combination to every lighting requirement and room architecture. As the LED light source for all luminaires, PrevaLED light engines from OSRAM Digital Lighting Systems were used, which are characterized by maximum efficiency, performance and reliability.

The Zhaga-compliant PrevaLED Light Engines are available in three designs (round, linear, flat) with many different lumen packages and color temperatures. This made it easy for KT-Lighting to find the perfect matching PrevaLED light engine for each lighting system in the appropriate dimension and with the ideal specifications.

Masoutis and KT Lighting continue to build on efficient technology

60 Masoutis supermarkets have already been converted to the LED lighting systems equipped with OSRAM PrevaLED light engines. At 110 other stores, the lighting upgrade is planned and already in progress. As a result, Masoutis not only presents itself in the most modern light, but also has a lighting solution with the potential to integrate new customer focused solutions for retail, such as EINSTONE from OSRAM.

Project Partner

OEM lighting manufacturerKT Lighting, Athens
Lighting designKT Lighting design team