Innovative light ceiling at the Rostocker Hof shopping mall with OSRAM LED modules

Rostocker Hof shopping mall – Rostock, Germany

To mark its 20th anniversary in November 2015, the Rostocker Hof shopping mall was redesigned by design studio Mark Bendow Interior Environments, which along with a new logo and matching corporate identity also included a new lighting concept. To enhance the entrance area and to create a friendly atmosphere, lighting design studio Konzeptlicht, winner of the 2017 German Lighting Design Award in the museum lighting category, developed a spectacular light ceiling system from specially designed panel luminaires. The lighting designers chose BackLED strip lighting and Optotronic LED drivers from OSRAM Digital Lighting Systems to add the perfect light sources and control gear.


Category: Retail, Flexible Lighting
Subcategory: Luminous ceiling/decorative backlighting
Location: Rostock
Technology/Services: ECG for LED modules and dimmers, Light engines and LED modules
Year: 2018

Effective backlighting of surfaces is increasingly also used for the visual presentation of buildings or rooms. The innovative LED backlighting system with OSRAM BackLED LED modules is characterized by particularly homogeneous illumination and uniform color effects, ensuring high module efficiency and economy.

Spectacular LED light ceiling design instead of outdated neon lights

Compared to the previous lighting system with directly visible thin neon lights arranged in squares, which also did not achieve a uniform illumination and seemed too dark, the new large-scale LED light ceiling is a spectacular improvement, making it as different as night and day. The atmosphere at Rostocker Hof is now much brighter and much more inviting, and architecturally the shopping mall seems much larger than before and more contemporary.

The light ceiling system from Konzeptlicht lighting solutions has a modular design and consists of light fields in four different sizes, a blanking plate, an equipment panel and a frame structure. The apparently random arrangement of the light fields transforms the previously rather sober and static-looking ceiling lighting of the passage into a modern and "dynamic" lighting solution with architectural effect, which continuously offers new views and perspectives. A total of about 250 square meters were equipped with the new lighting solution. The old lighting system was decommissioned, and the new system was fitted into the existing openings in the ceiling of the mall.

Direct backlighting of the ceiling system at Rostocker Hof with OSRAM BackLED XL Plus 15 LED modules

The BackLED family is ideal for direct backlighting, and offers lighting designers, architects, signage manufacturers and installers a wide range of versions. The Flat-ray technology from OSRAM is the key to optimized light distribution, even in low-height installations. Special optics provide uniform light distribution even with large distances between the individual LED modules. This means that it takes fewer products overall for a perfect result. What’s more, the large beam angle of 155° reduces the distance between the LED light sources and backlit surface.

A decisive factor for backlighting is also the flexible adjustment of LED strips to objects with different shapes, sizes and materials. To adapt perfectly to the specified shape, the LED modules in the BackLED family are connected at equal intervals to flexible cables.

Perfect power supply with OSRAM OPTOTRONIC OT DIM P LED drivers

Konzeptlicht lighting solutions also relied on innovative solutions from OSRAM for the LED drivers. OPTOTRONIC 24 DIM P are versatile and dimmable LED drivers with extremely high efficiency and reliability.

The 24 V constant-voltage LED drivers for indoor and outdoor use are perfectly matched to the BackLED family to achieve maximum efficiency, reliability and economy. Thanks to their robust design, they are also extremely durable in extreme weather conditions.

Rostocker Hof shopping mall



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Lighting designGregor Sgonina, Konzeptlicht lighting solutions GmbH
PlannerMark Bendow Interior Environments
PhotographerPhotographer Martin W. Maier