Attractive LED solution for the shopping mall Mandarin Gallery in Singapore

The Mandarin Gallery, located in the heart of Singapore's shopping area, has become one of the best known locations in Orchard Road. A modern four-story shopping paradise with international premium brands has been created from a former hotel lobby. Along with the architectural restructuring, 500 PrevaLED COIN 111 LED modules and 500 OPTOTRONIC drivers were installed to replace the old halogen lighting. The innovative LED solutions from OSRAM's lighting specialists make the interior of the shopping center appear even classier, featuring efficient state-of-the-art LED lighting that is well worth seeing.

Project description

Shopping highlight in Singapore: Mandarin Gallery focuses on upscale fashion shops and attractive OSRAM LED solutions.


Category: Retail
Subcategory: Architainment lighting
Location: Singapore, Singapore
Technology/Services: ECG for LED modules and dimmers
Year: 2014

Effective LED lighting upgrade

To create a unique and lush shopping experience inside the four-story shopping center, 500 PrevaLED COIN 111 LED modules were installed. Each module is controlled by an OSRAM OPTOTRONIC driver. The PrevaLED COIN 111 modules create a particularly pleasant and inviting lighting atmosphere in their environment, and easily meet the complex lighting requirements at the Mandarin Gallery. To illuminate the interior as effectively and uniformly as possible, the high-power modules were installed at different angles which had been exactly calculated. They blend discreetly and harmoniously into the environment, supporting the fundamental design idea of visually merging the retail area and walkways.

Higher efficiency, more light and lower costs with LED

The existing fixtures were originally equipped with HALOSPOT 111 halogen lamps. Here, PREVALED COIN 111 modules are an ideal LED replacement, as they can be changed quickly and easily with minimum effort thanks to plug & play. What's more, the OSRAM LED modules have a considerably longer lifetime and lower energy consumption, achieving a higher luminous flux than the old halogen lamps – and the LED lamps from other well-known lighting manufacturers that had previously been considered.

Premium brand shopping center with high-end LED technology

Featuring a facade of over 150 meters in length, the Mandarin Gallery, previously known as Meritus Mandarin Shopping Arcade and located between a large intersection and a pedestrian crossing, was completely redesigned in 2009. With its spectacular curved glass front and thanks to new pedestrian access, the shopping center has quickly turned into one of the highlights of Orchard Road, Singapore's top shopping mile. Today, the Mandarin Gallery is a unique and attractive shopping center with a variety of modern retailers, housing some of the most internationally renowned premium brands and first-class restaurants. The innovative LED lighting with state-of-the-art OSRAM LED modules and drivers also emphasizes the Mandarin Gallery's class and exclusivity.

Project Partner

Project EngineerAlvin Pang / Im Two Pte Ltd