Smart Positioning Solutions: OSRAM EINSTONE

Smart Positioning Solutions: OSRAM EINSTONE

With EINSTONE, OSRAM creates a complete solution for light and Location Based Services

OSRAM EINSTONE combines light with location based services.

OSRAM EINSTONE is the building block in the lighting technology to link the real world and the digital world right where you are. The lighting installation realizes location-based services (Apps), generates customer value at the exact location, supports the efficiency of employees, provides location-based marketing tools and offers analytics for logistics requirements.

With the new brand EINSTONE, OSRAM creates a complete solution for light and "location based services". The lighting installations provide users everywhere not only with brilliant light – but they also support apps and analyses at the specific location.

EINSTONE is the basis for a variety of innovative use cases enabled by the infrastructure of the lighting installation. The service system is similar to a satellite communication technology. EINSTONE generates a local GPS signal and enables location based services, like a navigation system.

OSRAM implements for their customers tracking and navigation services for office buildings, museum guides, maintenance support services, shopping list assistants, highly personalized corporate apps and many other site-specific services.

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